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This learning hub was conceived by a group of PhD scientists and writers to provide consumers with comprehensive resource for discovering more about DNA. Our mission is to make personal genomics accessible to our users by providing informational articles about how DNA can influence all facets of life from ancestry, health to lifestyle.

Since the advent of DNA sequencing technologies, DNA research is growing at an unprecedented pace. Many new genetic variants are being uncovered almost every day, which can have a direct impact on health and lifestyle. But, much of this information is not accessible to the consumers with only a basic background in scientific knowledge. We want to become the link between academia and the general public, by making DNA research accessible to you.

Our editorial team brings together their expertise in science, medicine, communication, design and content creation to give you credible, in-depth information about genetics and DNA. We want to become the place to visit for DNA lovers, scientists and genealogist alike, for accessible and accurate information about DNA and genetics.

Learn how you can harness the power in your DNA to improve your lifestyle.

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