Saturday, October 12, 2019


Did you know DNA can cause thrombophilia?

Thrombophilia occurs when blood has an increased tendency to form deadly clots

Did you know DNA can increase your risk of getting sunburnt?

Genetic variants determine if you will go bright red or develop a nice even tan

Did you know genetics influence your risk of eczema?

Living with eczema - how to cope when the FLG gene fails you

Did you know DNA controls your tan?

Genetic variants influence how much of a tan you are likely to get

Did you know DNA influences your likelihood of age spots?

Genes involved in skin color are linked to higher incidence of age spots

Did you know DNA influences freckle formation?

Genetic clues to why some of us have lots of freckles

Did you know DNA influences skin wrinkling?

Grandma’s wrinkles - The genes that increase your risk of getting wrinkles

Did you know DNA influences how quickly your skin will age?

Glycation, sugar and your skin: Genetic changes in the GLO1 gene explain why eating sugar gives you wrinkles

Did you know genetic variants can accelerate your skin aging?

Blueberries for your skin: Antioxidants and the genes that protect your skin from getting old too fast
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Did you know all Jewish Cohanim descend from a common ancestor?

There are some among the Jews who holds special status. These Jewish ‘aristocrats’ are known as the Cohanim. They...
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Did you know there is a “Wanderlust” gene?

The constant need for adventure could be in your DNA

Did you know the warrior gene can enhance your business success?

The warrior gene affects the breakdown of neurotransmitters

Did you know DNA affects your risk of depression?

Gene variations can affect serotonin levels and increase the risk of depression

Did you know variants of the DRD4 gene can cause promiscuity?

Genetic changes in the dopamine receptor can make you promiscuous