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DNA Weight Loss Test

By Genovate

Price: $249

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy body weight? Are the latest diet fads just not working for you? It is time to consider your genes. Take this DNA test to uncover

• DNA changes influencing your body weight
• Most effective ways to lose weight & keep it off
• How to optimize your weight loss journey with our Genofit app

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Detailed Description

Trying to lose weight? Adjust your diet and lifestyle based on your genes. This DNA test can tell you whether you are
  • Sensitive to starch
  • More likely to snack
  • Have difficulty feeling full
  • Not motivated to exercise
  • Have high blood sugar
  • And More!!
A simple mouth swab is all we need to analyze your DNA and identify changes that affect your obesity risk. Use this information to optimize your diet and exercise plans based on your genes, so you can finally fit those designer jeans!

The Genetics

Studies show multiple genetic variants can significant influence a person’s body weight, and how they respond to specific diets and exercise plans.
MC4R – disrupts appetite suppression
NMB – associated with food disinhibition
FTO – influences energy intake, diet impact and satiety
SH2B1 – interrupts a satiety hormone signalling pathway
BDNF – influences exercise motivation
APOA2 – alters saturated fat metabolism
AMY1 – reduces the ability to digest starch
FABP2 – increases fatty acid uptake
ADIPOQ – disrupts normal glucose regulation
ADRB2 – affects weight loss in response to exercise
CLOCK – disrupts the normal circadian rhythm

Discover More

Obesity is a worldwide problem that affects all ages and ethnicities. According to the World Health Organization, obesity affects 600 million adults (13% of the world’s adult population) and 41 million children under the age of five years.
Obesity increases the risk of multiple health problems, particularly cardiovascular issues, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, obstructive sleep apnea, cancer, asthma and osteoarthritis. Because of these health complications, obesity is associated with a reduced life expectancy (averaging 6 – 7 years lower than healthy weight individuals).
On top of lifestyle choices (e.g. poor diet and lack of exercise), obesity risk is also strongly influenced by a person’s genetic makeup. An understanding of your genetic variation can provide you with the tools you need to change your diet and lifestyle, to maintain a healthy weight.

How it Works

Purchase your kit online.
Quick and painless DNA sample collection in the comfort of your own home. Mail your sample back to our lab for testing.
Receive your results by mail or email, or view online.

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